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The Music


The song.  The sound.  The music.

LisaBonner has been original from the beginning.  With the heart of a poet and the spirit of one love, LisaBonner's first song on her guitar, was one she wrote.

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Bonner's, new album? 

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The Artist


LisaBonner began her successful, performance career in Bucks County, PA, as a character and musical theater, 

stage actress, simultaneously as a, singer/songwriter.  She moved to New York City, as advised by professionals, to continue her work as an actor/singer/musician/songwriter.  

In 2018, Bonner's talents converged, in her original play: "Facing The Bull".  The Actor Equity showcase,  of   "Facing the Bull" , performed in Greenwich Village, NYC was a success and, as a result, is now in further development as a film.

The Band

Bonner at Bowery Electric NYC.  
Lisa Bonner, Paully Katz, Sheryl Boltze

"Bonnerville" the band, is the newly formed band consisting of Soul Pool members, as well as some very talented new additions on strings, horns and percussion. You can find recorded selections of some great tunes on Hippy Cool, a recording and production company, founded in 1992.     The band is presently touring NY, NJ, PA areas.  Check out the Event Page for schedules and ticket information.


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